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Social Responsability

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Social and Environmental Responsibility

  • Your hosting helps us to contribute to the sustainability and preservation of the natural beauty of Bonito / MS.Separação and sale of waste produced;
  • Water Using artesian well;
  • Construction in legal timber, green bricks, decorated with regional objects and green roof;
  • Local labor of Use - indigenous community; use of local products, produced in the municipality (milk, yogurt, cheese);
  • Use of suppliers in general locations;
  • Reuse linens and towels Policy (donation to local authorities);
  • Use blockers in the apartments, which control energy waste;
  • Coffee policy a la carte, in days of low occupancy;
  • Reusability roles;
  • Support and participation in local events;
  • Participation in the Board's NGO working in environmental conservation and environmental education (IASB and Neotropical Foundation);
  • Carbon emission Neutralization against departure in cash to support the project "Plante Bonito" developed by the IASB in the planting of 200 specimens of native trees in the Serra da Bodoquena region;
  • Support Social project "Foot of the Mountain" and Confectionery Jaracatiá - Sales of products to our guests;
  • Support Senac / PRONATEC space offering to conduct practical classes of vocational course Waiter.
  • Reusability of oil used in the fryer for soap making minimum álcool.Utilização disposable products;
  • Use of Reusing Factory product Beautiful glasses (House of Glass) such as chandeliers, glasses, cups and decoration;
  • Use biodegradable paper (toilet paper and napkins);
  • Biodegradable products;
  • Composting;
  • Use of rainwater.