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  • Serra da Bodoquena National Park  Bonito  Brazil   Top Tips Before You Go   TripAdvisor
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Serra da Bodoquena: natural paradise

The Serra da Bodoquena is a small area situated above the marsh and down the Sierra de Maracajú in southwestern Mato Grosso do Sul. The municipalities that are home to the Serra da Bodoquena are the Bela Vista, Bodoquena, Bonito, Caracol , Guia Lopes da Laguna, Garden, Nioaque and Porto Murtinho.

Thousands of years an ancient sea, rich in calcareous sediments, originated one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. This limestone serves as a natural filter and is the main factor for cristalidade the waters of the Serra da Bodoquena.

The natural beauty of the region are unique, both in geological aspects such as the flora and fauna that delights and surprises visitors. It is an area full of caves, lakes and rivers, among which highlights of the Blue Lake Cave. At the bottom of this cave there is an underground lake of more than 50m deep, intense blue color with sunlight penetrating by its grand entrance.

Many submerged underground cavities make the Beautiful Paradise cave diving, an activity that has been attracting divers from all over the world.

So Beautiful is where the wonderful nature gives us the opportunity to learn to respect it, this respect that the tour guides are keen to convey to the tourist. It is this connection that makes the region an example and reference to the practice of ecotourism.