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Flotation is the most practiced sport, such a variety of fish in many rivers of crystalline waters of the region. Swimming in rivers is like diving in an aquarium, such visibility that reaches tens of meters. The feeling is guaranteed thanks to the pure limestone composition of the rocks where the rivers are born. The gentle stream that does not carry mud or earth, leads visitors to float on golden coarse, painted and piraputangas. Just put a mask and snorkel to confirm that Beautiful is beautiful even underwater.

Abyss Anhumas

A hole in the ground is the gateway to the abyss of 72 meters, illuminated by cracks between the rocks. Downstairs, a huge lake of clear water and 80 meters deep colors wins now emerald green, sometimes blue indigo, depending on the intensity of light.
The only way to reach the lake is doing a rappel amid halls bypassed by stalactites and stalagmites of various sizes and formats. Underwater, the formations are still surprising. To do scuba diving you have to be accredited. Who is not, delights practicing snorkeling.

Mysterious Lagoon

The Mysterious Lagoon is considered the seventh deepest cave in the country and one of the deepest flooded caves of Brazil, reaching more than 220 meters of water column. Perfect for the practice of floating and diving, has colorful fish and blue waters that impress by the incredible transparency and visibility.
Access to the water surface is done by a staircase of 170 steps. The floating and diving activities are suspended between the months of October and April due to the proliferation of microalgae, which reduce visibility. Only certified dives are in the period.

River Plate

It is 2 km river descent amid gilded, painted, pacu, curimbatás, cascudos piaus, piraputangas ... The adventure begins even before entering the water with a walk an hour through the native forest full of bromeliads , orchids, monkeys, agoutis and coatis.

Rio Bonita Bay (Natural Aquarium)

The fluctuation is made in a stretch of 800 meters from the river Bonita Bay, where the Natural Aquarium works. The highlight, besides the colorful fish of various species is the rich underwater flora. The space also offers hiking and animal watching, zip line, bar, restaurant, swimming pool for diving training and natural history museum. The groups meet for floating up to eight people at a time.

Rio Sucuri

The crystal clear waters of the Sucuri River lead visitors on a stretch of almost two kilometers. There are 50 minutes of observation of fish and aquatic plants. Before you go home, take a moment to rest in the networks.

Rio Formoso

To reach the river we should walk over 2 km bordering the Formoso river, waterfalls and caves. The return, however, is pure relaxation, with floating to the center of Rio Formoso Ecological Park. The depth reaches five meters and the high degree of visibility of the water allows observing logs and submerged trees on the river bottom.

Sucuri Bar

A trail of only 150 meters is followed by a boat ride of 1.3 km by Rio Sucuri, to the meeting with the Formoso River. On the way back, just wear the wetsuit and drop the body, which is led by the gentle stream during flotation. In this stretch of the river water is a little cooler, but there is a higher concentration of piraputangas.

Dawning Blue

To get to the blue spring you must travel 1,800 m on wooden walkways. The fluctuation is short, only 300 meters, and the amount of fish is still shy. The big attraction is the very source: the intense blue turquoise mingles with shades of green of submerged vegetation, forming a beautiful natural spectacle. The espçao still gathers restaurant, bar, chapel, waterfalls and a large lake with beach, full of fish.