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Ecotourism and Sport in Bonito

The adventure sports are major attractions in Bonito.
Through activities esporticas visitors discover the beauty hidden in the back of rivers, caves and the caves and also those who exhibit the trails that cut through forests and farms. Bike, you can discover beautiful scenery, and fall, collaborate with nature, planting a tree!

The region's rivers enable the diver to tens of meters of visibility. The feeling is guaranteed thanks to the pure limestone composition of the rocks where the rivers are born. The rapids are mild, and the flota visitor Fish as the golden, painted and piraputangas. aquatic wonders that enchants and dazzles all visitors arriving to Bonito.


Bonito is considered the best place in Brazil for the practice of activity in freshwater and the caves and flooded caves are the best diving spots in Bonito.
The most popular is the abyss Anhumas accessible after a rappel 72 meters. Downstairs, a huge crystal clear lake and 80 meters deep is home to galleries and giant stalactites. In Anhumas, autonomous activity is practiced only by accredited - who has no experience can do snorkeling (similar to floating, using mask and snorkel).


A hole in the ground is the gateway to the Anhumas abyss. They are 72 meters down amidst filled halls of stalagmites of various sizes and formats. Arriving at the bottom, the tip is snorkeling in the immense and transparent mirror the water. The activity is suitable for those who have good physical preparation - the back is made by rappelling rope, requiring leg strength. it requires no experience, since there is training the day before. Also in the Waterfall Boca da Onca has emotion. The descent is made in a wall of 90 meters of limestone rock that reveals a view of the river and bushland.

Buoy Cross

The descent by the Fair river rapids and falls in individual buoys is done over 1,200 meters, passing six drops. The activity takes place in the Hotel Cabanas and Formoso River Ecological Park.


The boat ride is a good choice for those who like adrenaline. Seven kilometers of rafting, passing waterfalls and rapids with stops for bathing.


The hiking trails through native forest lead to dozens of waterfalls in the area, such as Boca da Onca, with 156 meters of fall. Along the paths, nature displays all its beauty and diversity through the flora and fauna - in the trees is observed bromeliads, orchids, monkeys, macaws, toucans ... It is also walking that reaches the headwaters of the rivers where the fluctuation is practiced.

Mountain Bike

Among the bike tours offered by Lobo Guara Bike Adventure, the Lagoon Trail happens daily. There are 17 km long (round trip) out of town and riding on the banks of the Rio Formoso, in a trail of ecological Formoso River Park. During the guided tour's stop for swimming, visit to Paradise Deck (one of the most beautiful spots of the river), historical explanations, observation of flora and fauna and a beautiful activity: the planting of a seedling of native tree reforestation area. The tour lasts three hours and the pedal is divided into 14km of asphalt and 3 km of land. There exits in the morning (7:30 a.m.) and afternoon (14:30).

There are also alternative routes for groups or people who like a longer ride. Among them, Route Anta (50km, passing through rural roads, lined with characteristic of Cerrado vegetation), Route Seriema (45km, with trails through within farms) and Route Guara (130km, with an overnight stay on a farm and visit to the National Park of Bodoquena). In all, the planting of the changes is included. In time, in six years, they were planted more than five thousand trees!


The activity is performed in various spaces. At Hotel Cabanas, the circuit brings together 20 different activities - are 18 obstacles and two ziplines, the latter being an aquatic Tyrolean. You Ybirá site Pe, on the banks of the Rio Formoso the circuit reaches 20 meters high gathers crossings steel cable, wood, bamboo and rope. At the end, a cachoiera crystal clear awaits the class adventure for a refreshing bath.