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The abundance of rivers in the region form a multitude of waterfalls, jumps and crystal clear rapids. Accessible by trails, provide refreshing swim in natural pools and unveil landscapes breathtaking, as seen from the top of 150 meters from Boca da Onca. Some falls are hidden in farms and unite business with pleasure -. After a long walk, a typical lunch prepared in wood stove awaits adventurers

Boca da Onca
is the state's largest waterfall with 156 m drop, being accessible through a three-hour walk through the woods, through ten more waterfalls and natural pools. The highlight is the arrival at the top, after facing a staircase with over 800 steps (another option is to book place in 4x4 vehicles). To end the adventure with a golden key, there is a rappel 90 meters overlooking the canyon Brackish river.

Mimosa Resort

The resort offers nature trails that last three hours, interspersed with baths in ten crystal-clear waterfalls. The program also includes animal watching, caving and typical farm lunch.

Waterfalls of Park

This park has six falls formed by the river Mimoso are within the park. A two-hour walk goes through them all, INCLUDING swim in natural pools.

Rio do Peixe

The two kilometers track is on Farm Living Water. Cut by 11 falls formed by the waters of the Fish River, lasts three hours with stops for swimming in the natural pools. Lunch is included in the adventure.