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Bonito: a paradise of crystal clear waters and unspoiled nature!

Bonito is a major ecotourism poles of Brazil. The city's name does justice to the natural beauty that is in the region, nature presents its visitors with crystalline rivers for floating, relaxation and various sports activities, surrounded by beautiful and unspoiled green areas.

The city and the region has many underwater caves, but one stands out: the Blue Lagoon Cave, consisting of rare minerals, different rock formations and a lake of blue waters that will remain in your memory. Prepare a good shoe, the camera and explore this paradise!

Best time to go:

  • December to March, fauna and flora are more vivid by rain - but the weather can disrupt your tours. Between June and August, tours are less crowded and it is better to fluctuations, the visibility of the water.


  • Fossils of mammals were found underwater in Blue Lake Cave. By studies in the region, giant sloths and tigers-tooth saber-inhabited city between 2.5 million and 11,500 years ago.